Right……you’re probably saying to yourself “its just another blog out there!!!”

Well not quite right……mowebsite.com is set to be “THE Mauritian Blog”.

oOo Welcome to www.mowebsite.com oOo

We wanted a centralised blog exclusively for the Mauritian people “Pou Mauriciens:) wherever they might be on this planet. The name itself “mowebsite” is in Creole, the Mauritian native language meaning “our website”.

Whether it’s just about sharing anything with your friends, colleagues and relatives or just for fun, “www.mowebsite.com” is set to be the ideal Mauritian blog platform.

We chose WordPress as we believe most people will find its functionalities easy-going and powerful too! WordPress.org  also provides you with online documentation for help and if you can’t find your answer, there is a forum as well.

We’ve also got something exclusively for the Mauritian Companies, NGOs, etc at www.nouwebsite.com

Enjoy Blogging ….. Casse Paquer Lepep :)

oOo The “Proudly Mauritian” Team oOo